213 Sunnyside Avenue - $1,900,000

Epically Crafted

The Sunnyside property underwent a dramatic transformation that reflects the skill and craftsmanship of a builder who’s one of the best in the Bay Area. He took an average house and maximized the space and livability more so than anyone could have imagined. The final result is reflected in this seller represented $1.9 million dollar sales price.

Here is a link to contractor Nick Ozier’s web site – www.nickozierconstruction.com

As a contractor working with Teresa is an easy process – she understands what a house needs from structural to electrical work to painting to be market ready. She is thorough yet decisive and time is not lost on her end while getting a home ready to list.

Nick Ozier, Contractor, 213 Sunnyside

When it came time to sell my own home with its many unique details her knowledge and expertise were excellent and she showcased it superbly.

Nick Ozier, Contractor, 213 Sunnyside